16/04/2017 Easter

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16/04/2017 Easter

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New Features:

Easter Event
Scavenger hunt drops Common, Rare and Legendary Easter Eggs. Monsters drop Rabbit outfit parts and Wild Eggs(shootable as arrows). For every 500 MOS purchased 1 scratch ticket is given. These can contain Rabbit Hunting Longbows and other Easter event items and also some other good items.
Every Man's Land is open for business, talk to the cow in Dorpat to get there.
MOS store items -25% till the end of the event. Be the Rabbit. Event will last for a week.

Jewelry Skill quests
Jewelry quests item rewards are cut and refined jewels.

Some trees drop alchemy items and 2nd loot


Refactor Carpentry skill quests
Need to craft 3x less items.
Coin reward is decresed by 3x.
Item, exp, mos rewards are the same.

Bug Fixes:

Narwa has 2 quest masters

Graphical glitch with lava pegasus

Party quest chat is interrupted everytime someone joins/leaves

Dont open chat while using market search

After party quest wrong return place
When you join party and then teleport to another map it used to put you back to the map you were during the join. Now remembers the map at the start of party like it should.

Behind the Scenes:

Working on new ui with Karina-Venefica.
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