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I'm dicemangs

Postby dicemangs » Sun Nov 13, 2016 1:41 am

I had register an account with rpg mo an couple months ago and never really log in the game. I am now playing and just trying to get use to it still since there is no trade window been playing for a week about or almost going on two but I do not know what skill I need to go for just went out lvling the main stuff def, ,accuracy, strength. I'm still trying to figure where and how to get to certain maps still so far as I see its hard to gain any friends in there so right now Im at 0 level 57. I been trying to use mods to help me figure where to go on map and still struggling. I am a big money donator I always try to pour alot in thinking its pay 2win but as of right now its not that after I done the first buy of mos no more will be invested in mos gear except for the other useful items. I am easy going and dont like having multiple accounts and going to work on this one account only and make it all max 150 if possible.
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