Acc Skill and Magic/Aim

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Acc Skill and Magic/Aim

Postby coolebeans » Fri May 12, 2017 5:20 pm

Wand, staff and magic orb have +Aim, +1 Power and +Magic and the higher the Magic the higher the Aim. Is this Aim the same as the Aim you get from gaining the Accuracy skill? How does Aim affect the wand/staff/orb with only +1 power? Accuracy skill and Aim do affect the adjusted A/S/D/M/A stats.

I am looking for factual information from game code itself if possible and not an opinion as to how Accuracy affects the Aim and Magic use. I have a mage pure using only Cordial Fighting Mode so far and would prefer to keep it that way if possible but if Accuracy skill would be beneficial, I would like to know its affect on the orbs, staves or wands I might use.
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Re: Acc Skill and Magic/Aim

Postby corporal » Fri May 26, 2017 6:35 pm

As you already pointed out the Aim on magic weapons (wands, staves, and orbs) works the same as Aim on melee weapons. It adds to your modified accuracy in a 2:1 ratio (2 aim = 1 modified acc) the same way Aim on other weapons does. This value is used when calculating your melee hit % against the enemies def.

As most everyone knows if your modified acc > opponents def you will have 100% chance to hit melee dmg up to your max melee hit. If your modified acc < opponents def there is a formula that calculates whether you will hit or not and how much dmg you do which I don't know but might be somewhere on the forums.

Power, as most know, adds to your adjusted strength which allows you to have a higher max melee hit. (10 power = 1 max dmg)

So, for the aim and power on magic weapons, they act exactly the same as aim/power on melee weapons.

The magic stat stat on weapons (and armor) all adds to your adjusted magic stat. The ratio for magic (on items) to magic (adjusted stat) is about 83% so magic rating (armor and weps)*0.83 + magic lvl = adjusted magic value. This stat is basically accuracy but for your magic damage. As with def, if your adjusted magic > opponents def your spell will have a 100% hit chance, and be able to hit for max spell damage.

If your adjusted magic < opponents def there is a formula that will calculate whether your spell hits your enemy or not and what the max damage of your spells are. This formula is unknown as far as I know, but it is evident that your spells can never hit for max damage if your adjusted magic stat is much lower than your opponents def.

So back to looking at magic weapons...

There are 3 main types available as you mentioned: wands, staves, and orbs.

They represent 3 different styles of magic combat. Orbs fall far to the melee side of the scale by providing the largest amount of Aim and no spell cooldown reduction.

Wands (scepters) fall in the middle of the scale providing higher aim than staves, but less than orbs and higher cooldown reduction than orbs, but less than staves.

Staves fall the furthest to the spell casting side of the scale by providing the lowest amount of aim, and the highest amount of cooldown reduction.

The added magic value from your weapon is almost always negligible as a pure mage since the combination of mage armor and magic lvl will almost always provide more than enough adjusted magic to keep it above your opponents def lvl.

Those are basically the options for a pure mage using cordial. While I haven't done (or seen) the calculations to back it up, it is commonly known that using staves provides the best damage output as a pure hp mage and I'm confident calculations would back that up. This is the optimal setup because the large cooldown reduction found on staves allows you to cast your spells quicker and do more damage in a shorter time. Orbs and wands provide extra acc which can be useful to provide more base (melee) damage per hit but has a smaller effect due to the limited power/str of the pure mage build. All of your melee damage comes from your total power rating from jewelry and pets.

If you want to explore the effects of training acc on your magic output we must now include the option of using 1h melee weapons along with a spell pouch. Much like using an orb, melee weapons do not provide cooldown reduction. They have a better trade-off than orbs, however, because they also provide power which orbs do not. Again I haven't done or seen the calculations to support this but it has been said that using a 1h weapon and spell pouch does provide a higher damage output than using a staff and pouch due to the significant amount of power on the higher lvled 1h weapons.

Hopefully this sheds some light on the pros/cons of the different magic weapons as well as being an acc/mage build using 1h and magic weapons with magic armor. Since this seems to be a popular question and I am currently doing an acc/mage build, but haven't done the math, I will work on making a spreadsheet that will allow you to calculate your DPS based on your adjusted stats, spell cooldown, and spell lineup. This should allow you to see the trade off in damage output with the different types of magic weapons and when using 1h melee weapons with a spell pouch.
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