Custom Pet/Name Tags

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Custom Pet/Name Tags

Postby Dragyn » Tue May 16, 2017 9:43 pm

Custom Pet

Custom pet has a draw editor option and can be drawn yourself or left with a default sprite (Dev's choice) as well as be named. They start with 2 inventory slots and go through 3 level stages that effect inventory slots only (Max 16 inv slots). The combats stats increase with combat (like the player). Pet starts at (0/0/0/0) and also has stance options. This will allow for a more customized pet to suit the player's needs. If a custom pet is sold it's stats will remain. These pets level combat stats at a much slower rate than player do (for balancing) and health requirements are 10hp. These are non-bred able.

---------------Tag stating pet is a custom one------------------------------
-----------Death Dragon [Custom] +50acc +20str +0def +20mag---------
------------Custom name--------Stats based on leveling (players choice)

Name Tags

Allows you to names your pet and is visible to other players. The name tag is bound to the pet, if the pet is sold, the name tag will come with it. Name tags can be edited an infinite amount of times. (cannot apply to custom pets).

Xirador [Legendary] <-- normal
Xirador (NT) [Legendary] <-- Xirador with a name tag (not edited)
Squiggles (Xirador) [Legendary] <-- Xirador with an edited name tag
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Re: Custom Pet/Name Tags

Postby canismajor » Wed May 17, 2017 8:51 am

We really don't need buffs on top of the already powerful new pets.
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