Compilation of Suggestions

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Compilation of Suggestions

Postby Yata » Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:25 pm

Hello and Let's Dance !

01 Separate Audio into 3 categories Music - Sound effects - Captcha.

02 Be able to empty/destroy the remaining spell in the Magic Pouch or Book.

03 When you Right Click on items in the Chest, a Blue Message appears, change it's category to Spam Message.

04 Be able to modify the Withdraw option in the Chest, customizing it with User Input.

05 Add an Offline Mode for the Contacts List maybe with a command like /setprivacy on/off .

06 Combine all the Guild Permissions into One Permission, if you already can access every Guild for x amount of GC.

07 Right click Inspect on Loot Chest a drop from a Monster should show what's inside it.

08 Change the Traveller's Sign location in the Island in a position like to be able to block intruders, with a One-Way In/Out after building a Gate if the user wanted.

09Show Equipment now displays Melee+Magic Block %.

10 Be able to put New Offer with an option:
a Sell an item for GC or any Desired Item.
b Buy an item with GC or any Desired Item.
maybe a checkbox to enable it

If you had one option which one would you choose ?

Thanks and Happy Easter 2017.
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Re: Compilation of Suggestions

Postby Rebelmoon » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:50 pm

+1 to everything but #7 and restrictions on #10 to in towns only, and don't really have a preference one way or other for offline mode. In regards to #7 your going to open the loot box anyways, don't need to know whats in a loot chest 2 seconds prior to opening it, waste of game development time in my opinion. If your debate for it being important is, "but I don't want to destroy something to get something worse" my answer to this is that's part of the risk involved if your going to have a full inventory and just something that needs to be accepted for the small risk for a potentially high reward. Back before loot chests it would have been a lost item completely so be happy can at least get the item now :). Thanks.
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