Showing current value and trends in market

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Showing current value and trends in market

Postby whitetiger » Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:57 pm

I brought this up some time ago and everyone who responded liked the idea.

When you hoover over an item I would love to see an additional line added to the info given.

Current market value and trend. This would show the average an item sells for in market and how the market is trending for that item (no sales, crashing, decline, steady, rising, hot) by # sales and value

programming wise it would require simple processing.
- Table (item number as pointer)
- Day (suggested tracking for 7, 14 or30 days)
- # sold
- total value
- Average value

Each market buy would add the # bought and the value of the sale to the current day for the item. Average value would be figured after each sale. Items sold for 0 would NOT be counted to facilitate gifting and trading mats for completed items in order to not skew prices downwards.

Hoover would show todays average (yesterdays if no sales) and show trends in sales and value over the past week or month.

At a preset time every day the table would be updated to show a new day of trading. For items that seldom sell because of rarity (or other reasons) the daily updates would only happen when there are sales so that a record of valuation is kept.

This would help players in 3 different ways.
1 - Players would get to see an approximation of the current market value of an item.
2 - While buying, selling and making new offers players could determine if they wish to go outside of the current average values.
3 - Market players could check on trends to see what to grind/farm next.
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