The Whisper Trials

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Postby whitetiger » Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:00 pm

Ethelle wrote:
whitetiger wrote:Tower of whispering death!

1 - you go in naked. NO nothing
2 - ALL items are equipable. stats only count for hit % and damage. ALL items are temporary unless noted later.
3 - you are given 7 random items - a minimum of 4 food + 3 other things. Food items are in drops of 3-25 items per.
4 - all things stack in this tower.
5 - each floor has 40 mobs and at least 1 loot chest. you do not have to collect or kill anything to continue just hit the ladder - you just have to get to it. the floor is an entire map with obstacles - the map and mobs/obstacles are totally random. skilling is possible to create new items! no level minimum except for chance %. mine/forge, etc is allowed.
6 - all mobs are agro. all mobs and loot chests drop 100% random loot - food, weapons, armor, pets. mobs drop totally random loot and you have the choice of not accepting the drop if you are maxed inventory - inspect and choose to accept/drop something else
7 - SPECIAL drops are "rainbow" items - they are remembered for your next run and automatically added to your inventory unless consumed or destroyed. These drops are a 0.001% chance. "Rainbow" items are not usable in-game and are only remembered for this tower.
8 - progress is remembered (hi scores) by floor. "Rainbow" drops are only remembered on every 10th floor.
9 - tower is 200 floors with a present for beating the 200th floor of ?? - maybe 2 - 2x potions
10 - each floor is a collection of mobs around CL=floor * 5 or so.
11 - TEMPORARY levels are given! if you have arch equip and are a str pure you get temp arch stats. 1 XP out of every 100 is remembered for your next run.
12 - BAD NEWS! You can get a bow and spells as your starting equipment. you may not get the quiver/arrow or the pouch to use them.
11 - you always restart at level 1.

Sounds fun!
The temporary levels seem a bit weird though; if I go in there with my own stats, I would want any leveling I do to count outside of the tower.

If you go in with your own stats as a str pure and only get a archery weapon as your random starting item...will you punch your way through for a while or will you use what you have? If you use what you are given, do you want that xp coming out?

I want to re-do #11 to all xp earned is remembered for your next run.

This should be a ultimate test of survival, you do not get to pick and choose what you take with you.
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