Skill quest adjustments post-update

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Skill quest adjustments post-update

Postby lahasafy » Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:51 pm

Perhaps these may be currently implemented as intended, but I wanted to offer some ideas for tweaks to skill quests for consideration. Main theme here is that melee quests have so little randomization, but skill quests seem totally random, so i am suggesting narrowing somenof the randomness, so you can plan a bit better for skill questing.

1) more evenly distributed skills in hourly quest options:

Every hour we get 9 quests, and there are now 10 (maybe 11 soon w/ jewel) skills giving quests... so why can you get 2 of the same skill in an hour? Repeats made sense and were required on initial release with 9 slots and only 5 skills giving quests, but it seems too unpredictable so far post-update. Its bad enough that you might get a skill you want, and end up with a low level material you dont want to grind, but not even getting the skill at all kinda dissappoints.

2) weighting quest material level based on points:

Currently it seems no matter how many skill points you get, you always have the chance of a level 1 requirement quest popping up. And I don't mind it, but perhaps you can weigh it such that as your skill points go up, not only do you unlock higher lvl material, but you lessen the chances of the lvl 1 materal (or lower things in general) showing up? Seems like you can do this with a similar set of rolls drops.. the low level stuff is still possible, just less likely once the better stuff gets to be possible.

This would also make uneven skill levels a bit more of a problem, once you get high skill points, as it will be les likely to find a lower quest in your weaker skills to let quests assist in xp gains. So thats either a bonus or a flaw, depending on your design concept for these quests

3) More NPC locations:

I see your logic for not having quests be avaialble from the menu, and anywhere, but, especially now that we have more chances for higher level quests, shouldnt they be more available closer to higher level nodes? Currently 7 of 10 skills can be done from nearly any town map (needs fire, anvil, forge, and scroll use). So limiting noc locations really only slows gains on mining, WC, or fishing quests. I might suggest adding:

Broc forest
Hell (or BR, but narwa is too close)
dungy 4 town
(Or void town instead of hell and heaven)

These places have somewhat limited quest gather material potential, are frequently travelled, and have space for a new npc. The idea being to provide folks in areas well away from existing npcs the chance to at least check the quests and decide to stay there, or go work on skills.
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Re: Skill quest adjustments post-update

Postby canismajor » Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:57 pm

I agree with each and every point, but mostly that the quest NPC-s should be in each and every town with a chest.
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Re: Skill quest adjustments post-update

Postby Youhaveavirus » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:00 pm

138*300 Wood = 41,4k Wood :lol:
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Re: Skill quest adjustments post-update

Postby lahasafy » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:52 pm

At least you got a mining quest took me 3 or 4 sets of quests post update to even get a mining quest... and it was sliver. Still took it.

Getting multiple carpentry and alchemy quests, while getting no mining quests annoyed me this morning.

But yes, I alsowouldnt mind seeing the carp quests toned down a bit in qty required... if they were similar to item forging quantities, they'd become possiblly of interest, if you had done some woodcut quests recently
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Re: Skill quest adjustments post-update

Postby Kert » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:29 pm

quest exp reward is binded with item base exp.
Because fir carpentry gives really small amount of exp. that's why quest gives also small exp.
Carpentry item rewards are a lot higher, than other skills.

They got added with perspective of increasing low material prices Or when players have a lot of materials so they might will spend them up.

WIll think about adding min quest limitation ( level high and a lot of quest points )
and as you saw from post notes.. no map editing was done.. and it was known.. it will be done in future updates.
There is also suggestion done, with that idea( quest master in most(all) towns)
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Re: Skill quest adjustments post-update

Postby Bittersweet » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:09 am

The issue with carpentry quests is that the most logs anyone can gather in an hour is about 1000 with 100% success so using Youhaveavirus' example doing just that single quest is about a week worth of work. People will not take those quests they will save their logs for items they need like fences or fletched or forged items.
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Re: Skill quest adjustments post-update

Postby coolebeans » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:51 pm

This is a different approach to the adjustments specifically due to each player having differing skill levels among all the current skills covered in the quests.

The quests themselves need to be aimed at each players current skill level for each skill. At the same quest points level, a player with high fishing would get different quests than a player with low fishing. Skill points themselves would determine the number of fish to catch and the new points to be awarded but the type of fish would be determined by the individual players current fishing skill level. In other words, you would be getting quests you can do and no quests that you can no longer do or can't do yet. It would be up to the player to figure out which tool to use and its location which needs some instruction as to how to go about that, i.e. /find and /wiki craft info. Kind of detrimental to players without access to the /mods and /wiki though.

I do like the variety of rewards and generally chose MOS, lots of coin or highest skill points quests among the list but that is just me.

Also is it possible to make the right click Check Wiki Item and Check Wiki Craft available for the quest target item icon in the quest masters window? It would make it easier to determine the tool or craft requirements to complete each quest. Also adding the usage info for breeding foods in the mouse-over info box. Just knowing that an item IS a breeding food would be enough - Alchemy/Breeding/Forging/Fletching etc depending on the item.
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Re: Skill quest adjustments post-update

Postby whitetiger » Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:23 am

I agree on the quests by skill level.

I only looked at the new stuff once and went back to mining azure - raw blue fish, fir, small potion of something, sand, clay, bronze something or another....

Maybe I will check out skill quests again in a week or 2 after I mine a little ore
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Re: Skill quest adjustments post-update

Postby tsukino » Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:39 am

how about scaling quests a little? farming grass at lvl110 farming seems unproductive, not to mention mining clay and tin and copper at lvl95+ mining, i got those several times already

requirements for crafting skill such as carpentry is way off, crafting 30 fir walls just for 2 qp is ludicrous related to time/cost of the required materials, either reduce number of crafted items needed or up the reward
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Re: Skill quest adjustments post-update

Postby Rebelmoon » Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:45 am

+1 for lowering carpentry item amount or raising its reward (though I really think just lowering the number of items needed is best option because players, atleast many, are not going to save up 10's of thousands of materials.) Even if its a matter of lowering both I think players would be happy with that. Currently as things sit I'd be surprised if a single person even did one of the carpentry quests since its been out. Thanks.
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Re: Skill quest adjustments post-update

Postby canismajor » Thu May 11, 2017 5:11 pm

Picking up this topics so as not to start a new one. There have been significant improvements in skill quest logic - no more ultra low quests after 750 points, slightly more reasonable carpentry quests (though only did just one so far).

I would still like to suggest one update though - would it be possible to change fishing quests so that it is per fishing spot type and not per fish. Completing a simple 200-250 fish quest even for the highest % fish at 25% - 35% chance per attempt still takes an hour or so. It would be much more reasonable if the quest just tells us either rod fish, net fish, wharpoon fish or sharpoon fish and the goal would be to just catch that amount of any fish we get since there is no way to catch a specific fish. For all other gathering skills, we get exactly what we gather, and thus it makes sense that fishing follows the same logic.
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