Solutions to most common issues

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Solutions to most common issues

Postby Margus » Sat Nov 14, 2015 9:13 pm

Game crashes on start
Try to disable your screen recording software such as xsplit.

Only seeing white/black screen
You may have dns issues. Please try Google Public DNS from here ... docs/using
If you are using a standalone client try to delete cache by copy pasting to run:
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cmd /c rmdir "%APPDATA%/../local/rpgmo/Cache" /Q /S

Activate run with windows key + r

Mods are failing to load, some other weird issue
Try clearing your cache with /clearcache or if that does not work then /cleardata

Game is lagging
Press esc / go to game options, turn off Fullscreen Mode. If still laggy, try decreasing game size.

Getting disconnects
Make sure to play in the world with lowest ping. Type /ping all to see ping to all worlds.

Captchas are not showing/broken
Please try Google Public DNS from here ... docs/using
If still having issues contact a moderator in {M} channel, take a screenshot of your captcha window as well.

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Re: Solutions to most common issues

Postby joe2dirt » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:40 am

I have noticed many people lately having issues with the new captchas that require you to select images; below is a solution to the only one I have had occur and potentially others.

Occasionally when you click verify on one of these captchas, the entire interface from google including google refresh button turns grey and does not function. By clicking the checkbox in the RPG MO captcha interface (the first box that opens), you can close the google captcha interface; you can the use the "refresh" button in the RPG MO captcha interface to obtain a new, un-glitched captcha from google. You can then open and complete this captcha as you normally would. I have used this technique at least 5 times without fail on this glitch; I see no reason the same work-around would not solve most of the other captcha issue that have arisen recently.
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