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How to get started with jewelry!
A: First you need to get a spade( Reval Shopkeeper sells it for 140 coins )

Start with clay mining
(level 1 mining needed).

When you have clay, go to furnace

Equip your clay and click on furnace to get ring moulds, there is 50% base chanse you get ring mould at level 1.
To get amulet moulds you need zinc( level 1 mining) and clay.

Base success - % you can get item at needed level, each extra level gives +1% success rate.

Bar Making
Iron : Level 28 Forging
Need to make Bar: 2 Iron Ore
Exp Gained each bar : 20 forging exp
Base Success rate : 50%

Silver : Level 10 Jewelry
Need to make Bar: 2 Silver chunk
Exp gained each bar : 20 Jevelry Exp
Base Success rate: 50%

Gold : Level 30 Jewelry
Need to make Bar : 2 Gold Chunk
Exp gained each bar : 25 Jewelry Exp
Base Success rate : 50%

White Gold : Level 55 jewelry
Need to make Bar : 3 white gold chunk
Exp gained each Bar : 55 Jewelry Exp
Base Success rate : 50%

Platinum: Level 70 Jewelry
Need to make Bar : 4 Platinum Chunk
Exp gained each bar: 65 Jewelry Exp
Base Success rate : 50%

When you have moulds, then equip mould and bar (iron, silver, gold, white gold, platinum) and again click on furnace, it will create ring ( 1 bar)/ necklace (2 bars), Depending which mould you will use.( you lose mould every time you attemt to make ring/necklace)

Now you would like to gem those rings, necklaces also.
For that you need to get uncut gems from ores( Check mining guide what rock gives certain gem). To cut Gems you need Chisel
( Jeweler sells it for 300 coins)

To cut gems, Equip chisel and then on Gem you like to cut.

To Cut Gems you need High jewelry Level:
Sapphire : Level 20 (80% to cut [80% max])
Emerald : Level 30 (70% to cut [70% max])
Ruby : Level 40 (60% to cut [ 60% max])
Diamond : Level 50 ( 50% to cut [50% max])
Amethyst : Level 60 (45% to cut [45% max])
Black Opal : Level 70 ( 40% to cut [40% max])
Jadeite : Level 80 ( 35% to cut [ 35% max])

Now When you have rings/necklaces and cutted gems you would like to insert those jewels into rings/necklaces also. To do that click on ring/necklace and then on gem you would like to insert and then click on furnace to smelt them together.
You may fail and lose ring/necklace and gem


To see what items you can craft at certain level, visit - Jewelry

Code: Select all
Silver sapphire ring   10 hp   
Silver emerald ring   12 hp   
Silver ruby ring    14hp   
Silver Diamond Ring   16hp   
Gold Sapphire ring   20 hp
Gold Emerald Ring   22hp   
Gold Ruby Ring   24 hp   
Gold Diamond Ring   26 hp   
White Gold sapphire ring   30 hp   
White Gold emerald ring   33 hp
White Gold ruby ring   36 hp   
White Gold diamond ring   40 hp   
White Gold amethyst ring   45 hp   
Platinum Sapphire ring   50 hp
Platinum Emerald Ring   55 hp
Platinum Ruby Ring   60 hp
Platinum Diamond Ring   65hp   
Platinum amethyst ring   70 hp   
Platinum Black Opal Ring   75 hp
Platinum Jadeite ring  80 hp

Code: Select all
Silver sapphire necklace 10 hp
Silver emerald necklace 12 hp
Silver ruby necklace   14hp
Silver diamond necklace   16hp   
Golden Sapphire necklace   20 hp
Golden Emerald necklace 22hp
Golden ruby necklace   24 hp   
Golden diamond necklace 26 hp
White gold sapphire necklace   30 hp
White gold emerald necklace   33 hp
White gold ruby necklace   36 hp
White gold diamond necklace   40 hp
White gold amethyst necklace   45 hp
Platinum sapphire necklace      50 hp
Platinum emerald neckalce    55 hp
Platinum ruby necklace   60 hp
Platinum Diamond Neckalce   65hp   
Platinum Amethyst Neckalce   70 hp
Platinum Black Opal necklace   75 hp
Platinum Jadeite necklace   80 hp
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