Forging And Enchanting

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Forging And Enchanting

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How To

start with Forging you need to smelt Bronze bars at level 1.
To do that, mine copper and zinc ( look mining guide how you can get those ores -
After that, go to furnace, EQUIP BOTH zinc and copper

And Then click on furnace.

You need to have a Forging Hammer equipped to do forging.
(Buy from Dorpat Blacksmith - 404 coins)

Equip it and press on the anvil.

You get forging inventory.

You need to have bronze and wood to make items, depending on their formulas. At level 1 forging you can start making bronze daggers. They need 2 bronze bars and 1 fir log. They need to be placed in correct position as well, for formulas check

If you see a picture of an item but there is no Make button(that means your forging level is not high enough for that item).

Base success - % you can get item at needed level, each extra level gives +1% success rate.


Bronze: Level 1
Bar Smelting Needs: 1 Copper, 1 Zinc
Exp Gained When Smelting: 10 Exp
Base Success Rate: 80%

Iron: Level 20
Bar Smelting Needs: 2 iron Ore
Exp Gained When Smelting: 20 Exp
Base Success Rate: 50%

Steel: Level 40
Bar Smelting Needs: 1 iron, 1 coal
Exp Gained When Smelting: 30 Exp
Base Success Rate: 40%

Azurite : Level 65
Bar Smelting Needs: 4 Azure ore
Exp Gained When Smelting: 140
Base Success Rate: 50%

Fire Stone : Level 80
Bar Smelting Needs: 6 Fire Stone Chunk
Exp Gained When Smelting: 250
Base Success Rate: 40%

Dragonstone : level 90
Bar Smelting Needs: 8 Dragonstone ore
Exp Gained When Smelting: 300
Base Success Rate: 30%

Forging Levels:


Full list of forging formulas -> Click on Forging Table


You can enchant every weapon, body armor, shield and some gloves, boots to gain extra stats !

There are 4 type of enchantments : Low-, Medium-, High-, Superior echanting. ( for both, Armor and Weapon enchanting)

Low Enchanting Scrolls - Get from normal weak monsters +15% success Rate
Medium Enchanting Scroll - Get from medium- strong monsters +25% success rate
High Enchanting Scroll - Get from Weak Boss Monster or MOS Market +35% success rate (50% on donator items)
Superior Enchanting Scroll - Get From Strong Boss Monsters Or MOS Market +50% succcess rate (100% on donator items)

New Enchanting item: Orb Of Luck Image - Get From Weak and Strong Boss Monsters + 30% extra success rate ( wont work with gloves enchanting)
So when you add low enchanting scroll + orb of luck = success rate 45%

Enchanting gives extra stats, changes weapon/ armor visual,

Gloves Enchanting!

Enchanting Gloves( at least sapphire gloves needed to upgrade) Gives extra stats on aim, power, defence or magic, Depends which way you choose.
Sapphire - Defense
Ruby - Power
Emerald - Magic
Diamond- Accuracy
Crystal - Archery

Gloves Enchanting will need Magic Runes.
Magic Rune [Common] +25% success rate
Magic Rune [Rare] +45% success rate
Magic Rune [Legendary] +65% success rate
Magic Rune [Ancient] + 85% success rate

Change Gem to get golves with different attributes.
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