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To start with carpentry, visit first farmer at dorpat Image.
He will sell you House Deed Image ( cost 35,000 coins). After that click on house deed and you get teleported to your house. Inside your house you get new icon [ house icon].

It gives access for item building and removing.

To create items click on Open Build Menu. You can see items only what you can build at current carpentry level.

Items will be taken from your chest and placed there. So no need to carry them with you when you want to build something. But you can sell and trade house items on market also.

when you already have item you get Place option
After clicking on Place you can select spot where you like to place your items. Decorate your house how you like and want.
If you like to remove items click on remove objects ( under house ico) and pick what you would like to remove
ground is for ground tiles.. objects are chairs,beds,chest, cabinets, walls etc..

Exp Per Logs and items used to increase carpentry level:

Wood: 0,1 Exp Per Log
Cactus Wood: 1 Exp Per Log
Oak Wood: 1.5 Exp Per Log
Willow Wood: 5 Exp Per Log
Maple Wood: 10 Exp Per Log
Spirit Wood: 18 Exp Per Log
Blue Palm Wood: 25 Exp Per Log
Magic Oak Wood: 35 Exp Per Log

Bronze Bar : 3 Exp Per Bar
Medium Vial of Water: 2 exp per bottle
Iron Ore: 6 exp per ore

Carpentry item levels to make:


Floor- Level 1
Chair - Level 1
Wall- Level 1
Table- Level 3
Cabinet- Level 6
Bed- Level 8
Chest- Level 10


Floor- Level 10
Chair -Level 10
Wall- Level 13
Table- Level 14
Cabinet- Level 24
Bed- Level 20
Chest- Level 25


Floor- Level 25
Chair - Level 25
Wall- Level 33
Table- Level 28
Cabinet- Level 34
Bed- Level 30
Chest- Level 35


Floor- Level 35
Chair - Level 35
Wall- Level 42
Table- Level 37
Cabinet- Level 44
Bed- Level 40
Chest- Level 45


Floor- Level 45
Chair - Level 45
Wall- Level 52
Table- Level 49
Cabinet- Level 54
Bed- Level 50
Chest- Level 55


Floor- Level 55
Chair - Level 55
Wall- Level 62
Table- Level 58
Cabinet - Level 64
Bed- Level 60
Chest- Level 65

Blue Palm:

Floor- Level 65
Chair - Level 65
Wall- Level 74
Table- Level 70
Cabinet- Level 78
Bed- Level 70
Chest- Level 80

Magic Oak:

Floor- Level 80
Chair - Level 80
Wall- Level 93
Table- Level 83
Cabinet- Level 98
Bed- Level 90
Chest- Level 95
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