Mini Games

Mini Games

Postby Kert » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:05 am

When should try out this feature?

There is no level restriction.

How i can access a mini game ?

Mini games are created by Game moderators (green in chat) or by administrators (orange in chat).
They are also available to regular players by using a Minigame Scroll. You can buy it from MOS shop for 150 MOS.

What type of mini games are there?

Currently there are 2 different mini game.

1) Trivia -> Moderators / administrators will provide questions to players. Every correct answer will provide points.

After trivia is created, it will get announced in world chat

After joining, you need to register yourself at Trivia table.
Click on table, Do not close it !

When all questions are over (random every time), top 3 players will get rewards.

Why some players get more points from answers ?

The faster you add correct answer that more points you gain, 1 second = 10 points.

2) Arena -> Moderators / administrators will provide battle arena to players.
There are 3 different Arena battle type:

* Last man standing
* Most kills
* Total experience

Arena setup is done by Moderators/ Administrators.


In arena every player is equal, every one will get exactly same stats and items.
It won't matter at what level you enter there.

NB: only 16 players can join into 1 arena.
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