Player Island

Player Island

Postby Kert » Sat Sep 19, 2015 10:37 pm

When should try out this feature?

When you can afford house permission (35,000 Coins).

How i can build my house ?

After you enter into your island, you will get new Icon(House).

It will open dialog with 2 selections.
Open build menu - Allows to build and place items
Remove objects - Allows to remove items/ objects from map.

Selecting Open build menu, will open House building interface.

What i can get from this Feature?

Player house is used to level up skills like Breeding, carpentry and farming.

With carpentry you can build different house pieces like floors, walls, tables etc.

Anything else i should know ?

1. Building ship on your island, allows you to visit other players islands.

2. Can upgrade island size with coins or MOS.
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