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When should try out this feature?

Quests are free for all at any level.

How i can get quests ?

When your character is created then on tutorial island you get your first quest. After that, quests are assigned automatically.

Where i can see what i have to do ?

Currently only kill quests are added. Meaning quests goal is to kill certain amount of monsters.

How i can get quests ?

After successful quest. New quest is assigned to you automatically.

Where i can see my ongoing quests?

Quests tab on bottom bar. Will open all your on going quests list.

How i collect my quest rewards?

Quest rewards are given automatically to your character. Mos, coins or EXP points.
Can see what and how much you got from quest, when you select completed quests list.

Quests - completed

What i can get from this Feature?

After successful quest, you get exp,coins or MOS.

Anything else i should know ?

1. Quests can be repeated with Repeat Quest Permission

2. Higher level quests give better reward.
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