Party Dungeons

Party Dungeons

Postby Kert » Sat Sep 19, 2015 10:03 pm

When should try out this feature?

Party dungeon is free for all at any level.

How can enter into party dungeon?

There are 2 ways.
First - Create your own party for dungeon.

Quests - Party - Create New

Second - Join into existing party.

Quests - Party - List

What i can get from this Feature?

After successful dungeon, you get exp,coins or MOS.

Anything else i should know ?

1. You can go solo into dungeon also, recommended is party with up to 4 players.

2. There are 2 different type of dungeons. Into which you enter is selected randomly.
Kill dungeon and Search dungeon.

3. After dungeon, there is small cooldown, based on dungeon level (easy, normal, hard, hell)
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