Double Exp (2x EXP)

Double Exp (2x EXP)

Postby Kert » Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:34 pm

How i can get/ Enable 2x Exp?

2x Exp is a potion, that can be obtained from MOS Market Or reaching level 102 in cathedral and killing cathedral door.

Buy items and coins - >

Anything else i should know ?

1. 2x Exp potion is global. Meaning when you buy and use it. Every other player will get 2x exp activated also.

2. 2x Exp may be enabled during events also by Administrators. Any other time it's activated only by players.

3. 2x Exp potions lasts 30 minutes.

4. You can follow our Twitter alerts, to find out when 2x is enabled at game.
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