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When should try out this feature?

Recommended level for cathedral is combat level 50.

Where is Cathedral located ?

Cathedral is located at Broceliande Forest. To get into Broceliande Forest take the illusion gate in east Walco and travel through Devil's Triangle.

What i can get from this Feature?

After each 5 levels, you have high chance for a good/rare loot, Like high or superior enchant scrolls or High level gears.

Anything else i should know ?

1. There is a cool-down timer of 48 hours for Cathedral.

2. You can use Repeat Quest Permissions to reduce this timer.

3. All floors except main bosses are common rooms. It is possible to team up with someone stronger then yourself and have them almost-kill monsters so you can finish killing them yourself and move onto the next room

4. Cathedral has a ranking for what floor players have made it to. For players that made it to the same floor it lists them in order of quickest person to make it there.
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