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CFA (Guild)

Postby mananngu » Sat Feb 25, 2017 6:00 am

Welcome to the Chat for Assassins. Leader is sphynks42. Chat monitor is mananngu.
1. Be nice and kind
2. Be helpful (Answer questions when needed)
3. Have FUN :D
4. Only one account aloud in guild.
1: Most questions that you have will be answered.
2. Discount on things in market.
3. You get a great community and family to have fun with. :mrgreen:

Recruiter: This is when you first join. Show kindness and be active and you will get promoted. (White belt)

Member: After a few days when you are familiar with the guild and have settled in. (Yellow belt)

Leitenant: After a week or so in the guild.(Orange)

Helper: Helps out in the guild. Has gained some respect. (Green)

Exemplar: More known throughout the guild and looked up to for help. (Name is self explanitory)(Blue)

Warrior: Is active and helps out greatly in the guild. High respected. (Purple)

Samurai: Stayed for a while and has shown progression. (Red) 15 or less people

Ninja: High respected. Has stayed for at least a few months. (Brown) 10 or less people

Assassin: One of the leaders in the guild. Very helpful and sacrificial. (Black) 5 or less people.

If there are any questions about this guild or any questions about joining, please contact mananngu or sphynks42.
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