New guild, 3IT. Recruiting!

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New guild, 3IT. Recruiting!

Postby tmstrojans » Thu Oct 27, 2016 4:21 am

Intense Intents In Tents or 3IT


We may seem like noobs, but behind these ever seeming noobish players are expert WoW raiders, Diablo 3 entrepreneurs, EvE online solo PvPers, Guild Wars berserkers, and most importantly! RUNESCAPE PKERS AND GRINDERS.

We're new to this game but our underlying experience with the eternal grind is well known. I was just another Runescape grinder, exploring the new Heart of Gielinor when I saw a screen many must desperately despise. Lines of multiple colors infected my monitor and my graphics drivers repeatedly crashing.. At this point I knew Runescape was now not an option because my onboard graphics are as poopy as a Zork dungeon.

I stumbled upon this game in my quest to quench my thirst for skilling and I don't even have a desire to get a new GPU. Anyways, I really enjoy this game and the time I have invested in the past few weeks have had me asking myself, why not start a guild? Well I stopped asking that question and decided to act upon my instincts and I am glad to announce the INTENSE INTENTS IN TENTS. Come one, come all.

As of now there are no requirements EXCEPT, you must be active once every 3 days, but this will change in the future.
Ranks and such will be implemented as we have no players to fill any ranks as this is being typed :lol:

Message me in game (tmstrojans) if you would like to join.
Or leave your in game name below :)
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Re: New guild, 3IT. Recruiting!

Postby Dhjinn » Sun Oct 30, 2016 2:28 pm

Ingame name "gemko"
Not a expirienced diablo 3 player or wow, but a League player im here. Aaaand im not that good in rpg mo have about 18h on game :) .
Hope you accept me
Thanks, gemko.
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Re: New guild, 3IT. Recruiting!

Postby Dart » Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:01 am

Do you have an ingame private channel? Or do you use E2-E9 channels?
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