07/05/2017 Game Update

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07/05/2017 Game Update

Postby Margus » Sun May 07, 2017 1:40 pm

New Features:

Alchemy support up to level 120
New variations of potions:

Potions that boost stat "a" , but lower stat "b".
Potions that boost stat "a"-"c", but will give you small damage also.
Potions that boost stat "a" and heal a bit.

There is small % to get a Rare potion when crafting potions.
Therefore overall alchemy success % is increased a bit.
Rare potion has higher stat boost, than regular potion.

New uses for spade:

Possible to dig at graveyards and swamps to get some alchemy items, like bones or fangs.

Thorn Bushes
Bushes may cause damage, when gathering berries for alchemy.
Bushes that cause a lot of damage, have visible thorns.

Gathering materials from bushes, gives farming experience.

Blueberry bush :
Requires level 1 farming
Thorns may cause 1 damage.
Located at Whiland.

Raspberry bush :
Requires level 25 farming
Thorns may cause 2 damage.
Located at Fellin.

Gooseberry bush :
Requires level 50 farming
Thorns may cause 3 damage.
Located at Broceliande Forest.

Horsenettle bush :
Requires level 75 farming
Thorns may cause 5 damage.
Located at Narwa.

Female image variants for equipment.
All body armors, pants, helmets change visual image when gender is changed.

PvP event every 2nd week of the month unless there is a bigger event that month
Every Man's Land is open for business, talk to the cow in Dorpat to get there.


Potion changes
Skill support up to 120, may cause small changes in current potion stats.

Potion Drop changes
Some potion stats will be changed, therefore drop rates also.

Nature/ice/Fire towers potion drop rate was decreased.

Bug Fixes:

Some jewelry items have incorrect default price

Possible to skip floor 39 at Tower of Nature

Inventory right click issue on Mac and Linux
Right click menu position is sometimes off

Copy paste issue on Mac Standalone and Steam

Minimap stays open on map change on Chromebook
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