01/04/2017 Patch

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01/04/2017 Patch

Postby Margus » Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:03 pm

New Features:

Implement female armors, proof of concept
Inventory image will stay the same, equip image changes, depending on gender.

Proof of concept is created and working.
Item types that may change look, depending on gender are, boots, pants, body armor, helmet, capes.

More quest Masters added into the world
All major towns, will get a quest master npc

Added nps into: Narwa, Hell, Heaven, Walco, Brocelindae Forest, Fellin
changed location at: Cesis

Touch device users can toggle dpad
If you have a touch device then you can toggle the dpad on and off from the Game options.

Toggle other player pets
You can toggle other player pets on and off from the Game options.


Boss respawn randomizer
To make bossing more fair respawn time is randomized by +/- 10% each time.

Skill Quest limitations
If your quest points are 750 over required points and your skills are double and 30 above minimum requirements then they are no longer in the list.

Skill Quest amount increased from 9 to 10
Instead of maximum 9 there are now up to 10 possible quests each hour.

Change ice tower to 4/4/4/4 layout
With current 4/2/4/2 layout, some rooms will get crowded and players have to wait to continue.

Presents cleanup
Since introducing presents into game, almost 2000 new item have been added.
Will remove cheap shop items and really easily obtained items from presents, like "fir window".

Removed most of carpentry items.
Removed cheap shop items (iron/steel/emerald non enchant items).
Removed low magician items (witch items, small magic pouch etc..)
Removed Regular materials [ bars, plain rings/necklaces ( basic white gold ring etc..)]
and many more.. Around ~160 item.

Add more decorative objects into maps

Shop content change
Shop content has not been changed since launch of RPG MO,
will verify shops and their content, what can be bought and sold.

Items count changed, to avoid useless world jumping.
Most sold items count changed to 20.
Most material items count changed to 99

A lot beginner items added into shops. (bronze,iron,steel,emerald).

Changes related to moon and demonic stones
Currently it's too hard to get Moon and demonic stones, will modify cathedral drop rate and if possible, Void/dungeon monsters may drop them.

Soul trapper, Ancient wyvern, Soul eater, drop moon stones with different rates.
Increased cathedral Demonic crystal drop rate by 0.005% for all Elites.

Bug Fixes:

Gem cutting sound not played when cutting some uncut jewels

Not possible to craft Oracle items, if your alchemy was under 85 or jewelry under 90

Not possible to withdraw full inventory of ores with single keybind if ore had mining parameter attached

Arena can no longer be started if the maintenance will come before it ends
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