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Valentine's Patch

Postby Margus » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:42 am

New Features:
Valentine's Event
Monsters and scavenger hunt drop Feather of Heart and Valentine's Ring. Can craft Valentine's Shortbow and Heart Piercing Arrows.
For every 500 MOS purchased 1 scratch ticket is given. These contain Valentine items from this end previous events.
Every Man's Land is open for business, talk to the cow in Dorpat to get there.
MOS store items -25% till the end of event.

Skill quests
Skill quests can be taken at "Quest master"
Located at: Dorpat, Reval, Rakblood, Cesis, Narwa

Player can have only 1 active skill quest.

10 quests are shown to player after every quest refresh cycle.
Quests are refreshed automatically after every 60 minutes.
Quests can be manually refreshed also, requires 3x "Repeat Quest Permission"

With each cycle, maximum 2 quest from the same skill are shown. Meaning, maximum with each cycle you can get, 2 fishing, 2 mining etc skill..

Quests may have different grades(Common/ Rare / Legendary).
Grades increase rewards gained from the quest.
How often rare or legendary quests appear, depend on collected "Points".
However each quest has capped %, at which rate that quest may be rare or legenday.

Quests may award you with items,mos,exp or coins.
There is no limit, how many quests you can complete on each day.

Better skill quests are unlocked, based on player quest points value and skill level.

With first patch, following skill quests support is added.
Forging (smelting and item forging)

Tool crates
When new players die and lose their material gathering tools (pickaxe, fishing rod etc..).
They can smash crates near dorpat to get tools again.

Tool crates have Cool-down (they disappear).

Tool crates are located in Dorpat dungeon and near Dorpat outpost.
Tool crate can give with 5% rate following items: "Fishing Rod, Chisel, Iron Pickaxe, Woodcutter's Axe, Spade, Forging Hammer"

New Ore and mould formulas
Kaolinite clay
Requires 50 mining.

New formulas:
3 Kaolinite clay = Kaolinite ring mould box.
Requires 45 jewelry.

1 Kaolinite clay + 1 tin = Kaolinite necklace mould box.
Requires 50 jewelry.

3 Kaolinite clay + 3 fir log = Kaolinite mould box [R]
Requires 65 jewelry.

1 Kaolinite clay + 3 oak log = Kaolinite mould box [R]
Requires 70 jewelry.

[R] Stands for Refined.

Refined Jewels
Refined Jewels are obtained through enchanting.
Requires cut gem + jewelry enchanting scroll.
Refined jewels end with [R] tag.

Warning on world change in cath/tower/party quests


Improve Jewelry skill and items
Enchanted jewelry can be turned into refined jewelry at forge, requires refined jewels.
Refined jewelry can be enchanted again and obtains extra melee and magic block %, depending on jewelry level.

Changed fir and oak log hand slots

Revamp firelord jewelry

Tower/cathedral multicombat will be always on blocking mode

World map updated
Thank you Dragadorn

Destroy all right click available without mods

Bug Fixes:

Equipping another pet wont always bring up the message about xp loss

Stat toolbar didnt update when equipping rings, necklaces

/saveitem didn't work for some items
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