23/01/2017 Patch

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23/01/2017 Patch

Postby Margus » Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:33 pm

New Features:

Added Fellin Shopkeeper NPC

Can craft magic capes at inventory
Requires "needle for capes"

Rewrote most of the toolbar mods into game core

Added /stats command for mobiles when the Stats toolbar is not visible


Improve Fellin map

Change Moche 1 town layout

New math for Pets MOS insurance

New Pets inventory slots calculation
Pets can have up to 24 slot.
New logic will add pet inventory slots from 0-24, not fixed 4,8,12,16

Removed Eggs from breeding list
Can't add pet egg any more into nest at island. Can still remove them.

Some magician capes will get price change
Impacted by capes crafting development.
Price changed for the following capes:
    Wizard Cape
    Witch Cape
    Angel Cape
    Battlemage Cape
    Merlin Cape
    Grendalf Cape
    Odin Cape
    Lightning Cape
    Damned Cape
    Demonic Cape
    Nemesis Cape
    Oracle Cape

Mod Bug Fixes:

/find command won't work for void and dragon's blood tree
Progress 100%

Bug Fixes:

Wrong pet Bies equip image

Archsky dragon image glitch

Incorrect Dragonstone boots forging success %

Can no longer access higher slot pet food/items with a lower slot pet

Can no longer double hit monsters in towers

Fixed Your inventory is full! spam
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