22/12/2016 Happy Holidays

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22/12/2016 Happy Holidays

Postby Margus » Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:56 pm

Build a Santa's Sleigh. Collect the parts from killing monsters and hourly scavenger hunts. Every Man's Land is open for business, find the talking cow from Dorpat to enter. m00

MOS store items -25% for 48h.
During the Holiday Event we are giving away Lucky Tickets for every 500 MOS you purchase. These tickets can be scratched and if you find 3 same symbols you will win the item, mos or coins. Examples: buy 1250 MOS and get 2 Lucky Tickets, buy 200 MOS and get 0 Lucky Tickets.

Possible ticket drops (spoilers):
MOS 5-100
Coins: 10k to 100k
Items(equal chances):
Orb Of Luck, Stone Of Evolution, 2x Potion, Fire Blast Medallion, Water Blast Medallion, Firelord Boots,
High Weapon Enchant, High Armor Enchant, High Jewelry Enchant, High Wings Enchant, Medium Weapon Enchant, Medium Armor Enchant, Medium Jewelry Enchant, Medium Wings Enchant, Superior Weapon Enchant, Superior Armor Enchant, Superior Jewelry Enchant, Superior Wings Enchant, Island Deed, Nephilim Book, Premium Scroll, Poseidon's Permission, Pluto's Permission, Repeat Quest Permission, Good Present, Great Present, Best Present, Minigame Scroll, Secret Boss Scroll Demonic Crystal, Warrior Trophy, Superior Satan Potion, Skeleton Outfit, Poltergeist Outfit, Rose Seed, Santa Hat, Reaper Robe, Reaper Robe Bottom, Santa's Bag, Rudolph, Candy Sword, Candy Shield, Candy Cane, Santa's sleigh
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