18/12/2016 Game patch

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18/12/2016 Game patch

Postby Margus » Sat Dec 17, 2016 7:08 pm

New Features:

Item Box sets
Can combine following enchanted items into Box to save some space and trade easier.
Items can be combined into a box at forge, with 100% success rate.

Warrior item Set: [Helmet, Armor, Pants, Boots, Shield]
Archer Item Set: [Helmet, Scale Mail, Pants, Boots, Quiver]
Magician Item Set: [Hat, Robe, Robe Bottom, Boots]

27 enchanted set box added.

Missing items to complete item sets
Juggernaut Shield, 7 souls shield.

Toggle menu transparency from Video Options

Cooldown reset notifications

/maintenance all command


Add walls into fire tower

Some Sprite improvements

Breeding table formula changes

Party quest channels will last 15s longer after they have ended
Will reduce reward spam in EN

Left clicking pouch spells while chest is open now puts spells back to chest

Bug Fixes:

May get stuck inside cathedral/ tower of nature

Missing Wall Variant

Incorrect egg may be returned on underworld steed x underworld steed combination

Incorrect egg may be returned on Giant troll x adult steed combination

Dorpat furniture master didn't sell fir walls and floors
+ Fir Windows added now.

Firelord shield had incorrect armor values
+11 220 armor -> 230 armor
+13 290 armor -> 300 armor

Mod Bug Fixes:

Sand support for destroy all ores

Added all fished under "Destroy all fish" mod.
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