21/11/2016 Game patch

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21/11/2016 Game patch

Postby Margus » Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:26 pm

New Features:

Pet Eggs
When breeding fails, will get another chanse for egg RNG.
Eggs will award 100% exp for selected breeding outcome.
Eggs don't have inventory space.

Pet Eggs RNG is added if you breed pets that require level 75 breeding or higher.
Eggs are hatched with : Stone Of Evolutions.

Egg color determinates Pet grade.
Green -> Common
Blue -> Rare
Red -> Legendary
Orange -> Ancient

Eggs return rates are fixed and not increased by breeding level.


New 1 handed sword

2-step authentication for accounts
You can add extra layer of security to your account. Go to Player info -> Security to enable.

Breeding formulas
Access from Breeding nest. Can see what pets eat and what are their offspring etc.


New War Wings sprites

Rename gloves enchantment eggs and provide new sprites
Magic Rune [Grade] now.

Breeding output rates increased and changed for few combinations
Breeding level requirement lowered for output % rng .

Add magic damage xp effects for spell crafting, add archery skill xp effects

Bug Fixes:

Emerald Warhammer required accuracy

Regular Devil wings required defense level

Market gets locked when trying to buy or sell more than you have
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