28/10/2016 Halloween

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28/10/2016 Halloween

Postby Margus » Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:20 pm

New Features:
Halloween event
Skeleton and Poltergeist outfits. Every Man's Land is open, find the friendly talking cow from Dorpat to enter!
MOS shop items -30%
Skeleton outfits are available through Scavenger hunt. Poltergeist outfits are available from all monster drops.

XP gain effects
Non-combat skills have xp gain effects. Can be toggled from Game options. Original idea author zlumer!

A tool that can be used as a pickaxe(steel), spade, woodcutter's axe(steel), rake, forging hammer, fishing tool(yes all of them), lock pick and a watering can.

War Glaive drop rate from diablo is lowered

2x exp timer works without mods now

Bug Fixes:

Diamond mummy removed from Pernau fountain.

Invalid level requirement for Adult Cockatrice breeding

Mod Bug Fixes:

Incorrect Campfire POI
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