15/08/2016 Patch

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15/08/2016 Patch

Postby Margus » Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:01 pm

New Features:

New Battle Towers

Hard tower contains 65+1 Room.
Chat command /ice

Hell Tower contains 88+1 Room.
Chat command /fire

New Boss [Raguel the archangel]
Drops also mark of raguel.
Located in Void

New Potion
Use Sharp Beaks
Potion of faith(s). Increases magic and defense.
Using same potion images as magic potions. Will get refactored.

Can use teleport scrolls at Void I
Near chest

Private channel owners can set member permissions
Can add chat moderators, channel member list moderators.

Remove Resistances from Battle towers

Lower Monsters defense stat boost at nature tower

Add % to get higher level potions from Battle tower monsters

Completing a tower level will give additional exp reward.
Each Nature tower room awards fixed 400 exp.
Each Ice Tower Room awards 750-2000 exp.
Each Fire Tower Room awards 1000-3500 exp.

Nature tower layout change

Public chat report to anyone with a 100+ level
People with 4 stats over 70 or 1 stat over 100 can use public chat reporting. Right click on a message to report.

Bug Fixes:
Damned Cape value same as enchanted

Enchanted demigod cape Armor value is incorrect

Traitor Npc requires dual click

Archery gilded boots name change
Gilded Dust Boots

Hell dungeon was too hard after latest update
Removed undead dragon from generator.

Enky hat cooldown is incorrect

Bard cape armor rounding is incorrect

Cathedral and tower had incorrect spawn locations

Faith griffin double baby griffin drop

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