27/04/2016 Patch

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27/04/2016 Patch

Postby Margus » Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:01 pm


New Features:

Bows support up to level 120 archery

Firelord Bows support up to +14

Bows Fletching formulas
Bows forging requires fletching skill on anvil!
Fletching formula already includes string material, like a cotton and a feather.
Bows fletching success rate is between 30%-55%, depends on bow level.

Quivers support up to level 120 archery

Quivers Fletching formulas
Quivers fletching requires scales, leather, orbs, stones, gems etc..

Firelord quiver support up to +14

New archer armors up to level 120 defense


Firelord Archer Helmets support up to +15


Firelord Archer Armor support up to +15


Firelord Archer pants support up to +15


Firelord Archer Boots support up to +15

Support up to level 80, will improve with upcoming hotfix.

Armors Fletching formulas
Fletching is sharing forging exp table with forging.
Example: if 1 bronze bar gave 10 exp in forging, if bronze bar is used in fletching (arrows) it gives also 10 exp.

Code: Select all
level   Item name         
1   Fir Shortbow                     
5   Fir Longbow   Orc Leather Boots      
6   Orc Leather Helmet         
7   Orc Leather Pants                     
9   Orc Leather Armor         
10   Bone Dust Boots         
11   Bone Dust Helmet         
12   Orc Leather Quiver                  
14   Bone Dust Pants         
15   Cactus Shortbow                  
18   Cactus Longbow         
19   Bone Dust Armor         
20   Bone Quiver   Hard Leather Boots                  
22   Hard Leather Helmet         
23   Hard Leather Pants         
24   Hard Leather Armor         
25   Oak Shortbow         
26   Hard Leather Quiver   Emerald Scale Helmet                  
28   Oak Longbow   Emerald Scale Pants      
29   Emerald Scale Armor         
30   Emerald Scale Boots                  
32   Emerald Scale Quiver         
33   Silver-Steel Helmet                  
35   Willow Shortbow         
36   Silver-Steel Pants                  
38   Willow Longbow         
39   Silver-Steel Armor         
40   Silver-Steel Boots                     
43   Sapphire Dragon Scale Helmet                  
45   Maple Shortbow         
46   Sapphire Dragon Scale Pants                  
48   Maple Longbow         
49   Sapphire Dragon Scale Armor         
50   Silver-Steel Quiver   Sapphire Dragon  Scale Boots               
53   Flame Phoenix Dust Helmet                     
55   Spirit Shortbow         
56   Flame Phoenix Dust Pants                     
58   Spirit Longbow         
59   Flame Phoenix Dust  Armor         
60   Flame Phoenix Dust Boots                     
62   Sapphire Scale Quiver         
63   Ruby Scale Helmet                  
66   Ruby Scale Pants         
67   Blue Palm Shortbow                  
69   Ruby Scale Armor         
70   Ruby Dragon Scale Boots                  
72   Blue Palm Longbow         
73   Diamond Dust Helmet         
74   Flame Phoenix Quiver                  
76   Diamond Dust Pants                  
79   Diamond Dust Armor         
80   Diamond Dust Boots                  
82   Ruby scale quiver         
83   Magic Oak Shortbow   Elemental Dragon Scale Helmet               
86   Elemental Dragon Scale Pants                  
88   Magic Oak Longbow   Diamond Dust Quiver      
89   Elemental Dragon Scale Armor         
90   Elemental Dragon Scale Boots                     
93   Flaming Dragon Helmet                  
95   Void Shortbow   Flaming Dragon Boots      
96   Elemental scale quiver   Flaming Dragon Pants               
99   Void Longbow   Flaming Dragon Armor      
100   Flaming Dragon Quiver   Swift Boots                  
103   Swift Helmet         
104   Swift Quiver   Swift Pants      
105   King Elemental Scale Boots   Swift Armor      
106   Dragon's Blood Shortbow   King Elemental scale quiver   King Elemental Scale helmet   
107   King Elemental Scale Pants                     
110   Dragon's Blood Longbow   Sandstorm Quiver   Sandstorm Boots   King Elemental Scale Armor
111   Flaming Dragon Shortbow         
112   Flaming Dragon Longbow         
113   Star Diamond Quiver   Sandstorm Helmet      
114   Star Diamond Shortbow   Sandstorm Pants      
115   Star Diamond Dust Boots   Sandstorm Armor      
116   Star Diamond Dust Helmet                     
118   Star Diamond Dust Pants         
119   Star Diamond Longbow         
120   Star Diamond Dust Armor         

Arrows fletching up to level 120 fletching

Arrow is divided into 3 pieces.
Feather will determinate arrow Range and speed.
Wood will determinate which feathers and arrow tips it supports
Arrow Tip will determinate max damage

Arrows Fletching formulas

Archers jewelry
Up to platinum, redhodium will get added with upcoming Hotfix

Archery Potions
Fletching / Archery

Archery item drops from monster / bosses
+ Beast leather for low level monsters

Archery Shops

2 New trees to cut
Void and Dragon's Blood tree
Woodcutting level 85 / 105

Archer capes

Firelord Archery Capes support up to +15
Currently Firelord Scale Cape has only 1 equip look, will improve in future

Option to destroy loot crates

Ability to search matching market offers by typing item name

Right click Use all for Arrows and Spells

Click on quiver to put arrows to chest
Magic spell support will be in the next patch

Update SKills wiki

In-game achievements
Reach certain goals to unlock achievements http://mo.mo.ee/achievements.gif


new look for superior magic pouch

Keep Island Themes after one purchase

Magic Oak log forging Exp changed.

Turn Existing feathers into Bundles ( not regular feathers)

Change Pumpkin King world image

Combat level formula change
If (AC+ST+DE+HE+AR) / 4 > MA, then magic divider = 6, else divider = 4
If (AC+ST+DE+HE+MA) / 4 > AR, then archery divider = 6, else divider = 4
CL = (AC+ST+DE+HE)/4 + (MA / magic divider) + (AR / archery divider)

Bug Fixes:

Can't sell platinum amethyst ring

Ghost blocking object at cathedral

Ruby staff forging exp was incorrect.

Crystals used in forging gave 0 exp

Incorrect name for enchanted shiva boots

Mod updates:
by rstudios

- Fixed craft info on item hover
- Added percentage to pet_nest food tool-tip (TODO: Move to breeding mod)
- Recoded destroy key-bind and added ability to destroy logs
- Fixed eat key-bind bug not working after a none food item in inventory is clicked
- Fixed key-binds activating while a text input is active
- Removed addSpeedStat() - Margus
- Patched and cleaned code for market announce to show Billions and Trillions
- Patched and cleaned code for '$$ colored offers' to display 7 souls and other items hover correctly
- Reworked mod commands system (mods_client_commands);
- Restricted chat in $$ after announce limit (moderators are exempt)
- Fixed more wiki and multi craft formula issues
    - New Uncut Gems
    - Spells magic level
    - Fixed mob images and positioning
    - Fixed "Gray Wizard" Issue
    - Fixed Farming
    - Added Fletching
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