25/03/2016 Patch

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25/03/2016 Patch

Postby Margus » Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:20 pm

New Features:

Easter Event
Every hour there will be a scavenger hunt for a random easter egg. Also added scavenger hunt to highscores. TIP
Every Man's Land is open for business for a week or until next patch, find a Cow NPC around Dorpat to get there.

Released a small fraction of fletching and archery. Currently only 1 type of bow, 1 type of quiver and 1 type of arrow.
Fletching table, bow and quiver will be available for 500 MOS during the preview stage. This is not a good deal and meant only for the curios ones who want to get their hands on a few weeks earlier and support the development of the game. Next patch will contain a carpentry formula for the fletching table and a forging formulas for archery equipment. Only buy the Archery Preview Kit at your own risk! In this version arrows don't have a maximum range set and are only limited to 1 damage per shot.


Loot crates for drops
When fighting with a full inventory or using archery, a loot crate will drop instead of losing the loot.

New equip images for some boots
Shiva boots, Demigod Boots, 7 souls boots

Change color of some gears
Item set colors should match.
Monk, Druid, Bard, Warlock items were redrawn.

Add Map mod support for Dungeons II,III,IV

Added White gold/ platinum ore and veins into Pluto's Guild

Bug Fixes:

Regular/Enchanted Eclipse blade white pixels

Gem cutting sound missing

Option to close report window
It was not possible to always close the report window due to small screen size.
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