06/07/2017 Game update

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06/07/2017 Game update

Postby Margus » Thu Jul 06, 2017 12:18 pm

New Features:

Allow lower levels in party quest
Party quest maker can set the lowest level who can join

Convert cabinets between stackable and non-stackable
Stackable has 50% the slots and stacks up to 99 of each item.

Active(promoted), top islands
Possible to promote your island and others can vote for your island - monthly tops. Ship is needed for this feature.
Can vote 2 times per day.

Chest right click additions
Can add new offer from chest with right click

Cabinet right click additions
Can withdraw and deposit all

New captcha system
New captcha will be made available to all players due to very bad experience with Google captcha lately

Star of Knowledge map
Island contains magician NPC-s and new monsters.

Magicians sell permissions to have fast access, near element altars.
Altar permissions are permanent, similar to guild deeds.

Magic level requirements and permission cost.
Altar of Flash: 20 magic and 500,000 coins.
Altar of Air: 40 magic and 750,000 coins.
Altar of Earth: 50 magic and 1,500,000 coins.
Altar of Water: 70 magic and 3,250,000 coins.
Altar of Fire: 100 magic and 5,500,000 coins.

Craftable magic pouches


Unequip items
Items are unequipped after dying in nml pvp or by a monster (Except towers, cathedral and eml).
Item is unequipped after using oblivion potion and your skill is not good enough after that to use the item.

Bug Fixes:

Fix piano playing in spectate
Piano was not being broadcasted in spectate mode

Island Cabinet Item Mouse Over Info fix
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