06/06/2017 Patch

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06/06/2017 Patch

Postby Margus » Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:02 pm

New Features:

Steam and standalone support up to 4k resolution
May need to change the interface size form video settings to fill up entire screen

/cooldowns command to show time left for all towers and cathedral at once

PvP event every 2nd week of the month unless there is a bigger event that month
Every Man's Land is open for business, talk to the cow in Dorpat to get there.

Playable Piano
Early prototype, can use the "Cathedral Piano" in your island. Need to have Sound Effects (on). More octaves when you use your keyboard - mouse/touch limited to 1 octave for now. Probably won't work on mobile devices.
You can get Cathedral Piano from Quests -> Achievements -> Rewards


Revamp of Kill quests
Kill quest order will be changed.
New kill quests will be added (bosses and regular monsters).
Required Boss kills amount for quest completion is reduced by 50%.
Some quests may be opened up for old players, who have completed them already with X amount of progression.
If you had done boss quests before then you need to redo them, there are now 65 kill quests total.

Increase maximum chat tabs to 12

No longer able to sell items that you are wearing to general shop npc
Avoid accidental sells in nml and moche

Slow down market buy/sell to avoid accidental trades
1) At least 1 second before the buy/sell can be clicked in the trade window
2) Show confirmation dialog before trade

Popup of creating account to avoid accidental alts

Confirmation window when posting a public offer of an item for less than 10 coins

Bug Fixes:

Fix ~90+% of the screen tearing on left and right side in fullscreen mode

Potion images and exp fixes
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