This is a whining post

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This is a whining post

Postby Grim Fandango » Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:38 am

I literally got muted for saying frisk you and m*****ducker in EN chat with no warning. But people talking about certain game didn't even get warned nor their message deleted like 5-7 lines over my messages.
I understand the word "m*****ducker" (that doesn't even exist) resembles another non-PG one, but I felt it was a too harsh punishment. Normally people just get warned and their message deleted. "Normally" meaning whenever certain people feel like doing that. But whatever...
There was also a guy that said KFC without the "C" and the "F" at the beginning and also got muted (I felt like this was relevant too).

I'm not trying to accomplish anything with this post, I'm just mad right now and want to tell everyone. :roll:
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