Unofficial Guide to Scavenger Hunts (Rpg Mo Holiday Events)

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Unofficial Guide to Scavenger Hunts (Rpg Mo Holiday Events)

Postby whitetiger » Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:39 pm

This guide is an accumulation of wisdom about scavenger hunts acquired over the past year.

Scavenger hunts are the latest and greatest events on rpg mo. The most often asked questions and answers appear below along with other tips.

- What is the scavenger hunt event? How does it work? - The scavenger hunt allows everyone a chance to get a present. An announcement is made every hour at 20, 15, 10, 5 and 1 minute(s) before the event. Get to the map that is announced before the timer expires. When the timer expires you will be given the location of the loot crate. You have 20 minutes to get to the crate after the location is announced.

- I do not see the loot crate - You were either 1 - not in the area when it spawned, 2 - logged out or changed worlds, 3 - too early, or 4 - too late getting to the chest.

- When do events happen? How often? - Every event happens around a rpg mo holiday. Every hour, for 1 week. Event times change when maint occurs on servers - it usually sets the time ahead by 20-25 minutes. Servers undergoing maint during the event will NOT host the event that hour.

- How long does the event last? - 1 week - BUT Margus does not always end the event on time, so it may last an extra day.

- What are the rewards? - Presents are geared to the holiday and have a habit of repeating old event presents with new stuff thrown in. Items are usually worth the time and effort to get to the present - USUALLY.

- WHEN is the next hunt? - Use the /event command - if no info is given just wait. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM ASK where and when.

- I am too weak to do the hunts!!! - EVERY event has at least 1 train to help weaker players get to the prize! Trains/escorts are announced every hunt, so join one and stay close to the leaders!

- Does only 1 person get the prize? - NO everyone who is in the area when the timer expires can get the prize.

- I died or left the map after the crate appeared, can I still get the reward? - YES as long as you stay in the same world and can get back to the crate in time.

- USE teleports to get to nearest town and for return! I can not stress this enough! A return teleport is required in harder places because most escorts do not lead you back. ASK before you go - and even if they do escort you back you may need one anyways.

- If you have questions ASK!

- MAKE sure that you either keep on top of the leader OR are well geared with food to stay alive. Follow their steps exactly!
- Make sure that the leaders kill mobs before moving on - some don't.
- NEVER run ahead unless you can handle a mob yourself- a mob may pop up beside you.
- NO MATTER how good a leader is - you may die if a previously killed mob spawns beside where you are. In mob infested areas WATCH and wait!
- In a small train follow the leaders steps exactly if they are avoiding combat

A disciplined train will get almost everyone there alive, a mass mob will leave many dead.
World 2 is a mass mob that leaves many dead in the worst scav hunt areas.
World 8 is unknown but appears to be a smaller mob.
World 4 is small BUT many stronger players run ahead so mob respawns can kill weaker players.
- Wait areas are the worst for deaths due to hidden foes and respawns while waiting, but movement thru areas also kills due to respawns
- SMALL groups following a few leaders are the best for safety if they kill and do not run from a mob after a few hits
- NEVER LAG - if you do scream for leaders to slow down
- NEVER run ahead unless you can handle a mob that respawns in your path
- Be at the announced meeting place before group leaves!

HAPPY HUNTING - the rewards are worth it for low level players, and often worth it for higher levels.
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Re: Unofficial Guide to Scavenger Hunts (Rpg Mo Holiday Even

Postby mazae12 » Tue May 02, 2017 9:21 pm

another trick to go back to safety is by losing duel
you can ask it to a player nearby on a train
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